11 generations in and around Brattleboro, VT

This blog is designed as supplementary information for the wall drawing that Craig Stockwell has currently created at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center (opened 10/30/15). The wall drawing is a part of the larger exhibition, Drawing On, In, Out that runs from 10/30/15 – 2/8/16.

The wall drawing is built using a variety of information put together during research for the project. It is based on my having 11 generations of family history in the Connecticut valley dating from 1673 when Quentin Stockwell arrived in Deerfield. During these 11 generations most of the descendants of Quentin have lived in or near Brattleboro including my living in Keene, NH, since 1988. It is the intention that the information informs and builds the drawing but in the end, it will be more a drawing than a historical society presentation. More feeling than fact. The primary feeling that has come to suffuse my body during this autumn filled with research and travels is the very beauty and silence of the Connecticut Valley in Fall.

Craig Stockwell

11 generations of fathers

  1. Quentin Stockwell                    1640-1715
  2. John Stockwell                        1676-1755
  3. Abel Stockwell                         1708-1777
  4. Perez Stockwell                         1747-1777
  5. Arad Stockwell                           1773-1856
  6. Benjamin Franklin Stockwell     1809-1878
  7. Frederick Franklin Stockwell      1837-1907
  8. Frederick Franklin Stockwell      1862-1934
  9. Howard Aubrey Stockwell             1893-1966
  10. Frederick Franklin Stockwell         1921-2001
  11. Craig Stewart Stockwell               1952-

The mothers

  1. Abigail Bullard    1641-1730
  2. Elizabeth Weller    1680-1716
  3. Sarah Selden             1709-1785
  4. Dinah Fay                 1743-1810
  5. Sally Harris             1779-1883!!
  6. Sarah F. Sargent   1811-1863
  7. Ellen Jane Nichols   1836-1909
  8. Laura Abigail Farnham   1863-1922
  9. Dorothy Wallace Stewart   1895-1978
  10. Marjorie Ann Werner   1923-1999
  11. Sarah Jane Mustin 1952-

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