Finding the Cemetery in Marlboro, VT

Abel Stockwell was the first settler of Marlboro, VT, arriving in 1763. In 1961 Clayton Stockwell and his son, Dick, were able to find the remote cemetery in Marlboro where Abel Stockwell, his son Perez, and two infant sons of Perez were buried in 1777. During the summer of 1777 about 20 people died of something called “the “black fever.” They were buried in a remote location,  in a common grave, probably because they were considered infectious.

In 2011 I was teaching at Marlboro College and became curious to find this old cemetery. I contacted a local friend, Malcolm Wright, and he contactyed Gail MacArthur to help us find it. In November Gail led Malcolm, his wife Marge, myself and a teaching colleague from Marlboro to the remote site. A few weeks later, I took my siblings, who were visiting for the holidays, back to the site. This September I decided to re-locate the site and set out on a and walking loop to find it. I couldn’t find it, although I thought i was near.


Two weeks later I tried again:


Finally, I contacted a local surveyor and native of Marlboro, Malcolm Moore. He put me in touch with Sally White, whose family owns the land and she had grown up there visiting the remote place. We found it and in the process I realized that my two previous trips had put me very close to the spot:

42 degrees, 51 minutes, 57.064 seconds North

72 degrees 42 minutes, 32.66 seconds West



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